After plateauing big time in November/December, I’m back on track now. I joined Weight Watchers at the beginning of this month, and it was just the change I needed. I’ve lost another 10 pounds, for a total of just over 33 pounds lost. I feel so much better, am getting tons of complements, and having a great time shopping for new clothes. I thought it might be time to post some before and after pictures, although I still have another 15 or 20 pounds to go.

Here I am last summer, at my heaviest:

Here with my sister:

And this picture was taken of me yesterday, modelling one of my recent handknits:

And finally, this was taken today, in a clothing store change room with my IPhone. Thrilled to have found this dress on sale, size medium when before would have needed extra large, and it still might not have fit.

Now the key is going to be keeping the weight off. I’ve done this twice before, this time it really needs to stay off.